June 24, 2021

Merck India MICT Scholarship

Merck India

MICT Scholarship*

📲 *Education Upliftment Forum (EUF)* brings, Scholarships Awareness Initiatives
👉 *80% above in SSC*
👉Only the applicants residing and studying in *Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane & Bengaluru.*
👉 *Family income:* Not more than Rs. 20,000/ month.
😱 *Scholarship upto: Rs 35,000 /-*
🤝 *For Scholarships Awareness Program* in your City:
✍ *Aamir Nurle*
📩 scholarshipseuf@gmail.com
📲 *Facebook*
🤗 Share with all, *”let’s aim No student left behind”*
Note: Dear all, not only share this message to students but also help them to fill online form